The Invisibles Cast 2016
The Invisibles Cast 2016

“When you see me, what do you see?”

The Invisibles is a compilation of true stories shared by local community individuals ranging in ages from 10 years to mid-60s as well as from various social and ethnic backgrounds.

The Invisibles is an effort to shed some light on the various “faces” of those who are homeless. It focuses on greater awareness of local homeless people, not casting blame or responsibility on those who are not.

Doors open at 7 pm on Saturday, May 14th and admission is free. However, if possible, donations will be gratefully appreciated. Event information

Playbill cover for The Invisibles, May, 2016
Playbill cover for The Invisibles, May, 2016. Download a copy of the playbill.

Richard Scott Sr. was inspired to write The Invisibles after a conversation with a homeless man. Scott went to Porchlight, the YWCA, and The Road Home to speak with homeless people and developed a script from those conversations. The show’s actors are not homeless, and rehearsals have allowed the mixed-age cast to learn more.

MYPLACE is producing The Invisibles.

The Invisibles raises awareness of the fact that homelessness is not a crime, but a variety of social issues which can profoundly impact everyone. Invisibility is the process by which society discounts the value of people who have found themselves in between two human dilemmas, homelessness and social indignity.

Invisibles can be any one of us, at any time and for many reasons: doctors, teachers, parents, children, black, white, brown, male, female, young, old, rich, transgender, poor, or infirm. Anyone can be invisible.

KOJO Productions addresses the issue of humans feeling invisible by using the powerful combination of drum music and theatrical monologues.

Every human has a story that needs to be told in order to shed a realistic light on the various circumstances which cause the physical, emotional, economical, and social outcomes of homelessness.

Audience responses to the Invisibles

“very nicely done,” “it was GREAT-Powerful and with deep insights”

“It is important to spend time listening to peoples stories and trying to understand their
experience. This was time well spent. Excellent work!”

“I am grateful (very) for all I have and astonished at the range of people/circumstances
causing homelessness”

“I loved the concept! Voices coming out. Wish we had been closer to the stage”

“GREAT JOB! Valuable LIFE MESSAGE. Everyone needs a home and I felt different emotions
listening to the presentations”

“Great JOB! I appreciate the power of Storytelling”

“Stories matter, they help open our hearts”

“Thank you so much for sharing the stories no one hears. It’s IMPORTANT! I would also like
to hear about the structural issues contributing to homelessness. Wonderful JOB!”

“Thank you for giving a voice to those who often aren’t heard or seen. Well Done!”

“A great collection of stories not often heard. Thank you.”

“It was quite moving….it was emotional”

“Opening a much larger space in my heart for the homeless”

“Excellent!! Eye opening, Thought provoking on the events that might make one homeless”

“Very good! Made me think and helped me remember to not take things for granted”


“Original,thought provoking, grateful that I have never been homeless”

“This is a story to be told over & over again. Thank you for giving a voice to those who
don’t have one-Invisible ones. I really enjoyed the stories, particularly the
combination of the storytelling, drumming, music and dancing.”

“The production was very well done, it was so real. Please do another of this type

“Impactful, Eye-opening, Inspiring, Beautiful, Energizing, sad & painful, but important.
Thank you!”

“I was appreciative of all the different stories. They are today’s real cases.”

“Thank you for this program. Having the stories told behind the screen was very powerful
because it could be anyone & the focus was on the stories. WONDERFUL JOB TO ALL! I hope
you bring the stories out as you can, Thank you!”

“Everyone has a story. Thank you doing this.”

“WOW! Kids are affected too. Thanks!”

“Very powerful, good message and good work.”

“Extremely moving stories raising awareness-great work!”

“First time I ever thought of the homeless people who ask for spare change, passed out
drunks as INVISIBLE- Thank you!!”

“Thought provoking! Inspiring!”

“It was a azamgion” (amazing)


“Poignantly Beautiful; Deeply Real, Profoundly Impactful!”

“Stoic, chest piercing, heart-moving, powerful. The invisibleness of the invisibles made the
stories more powerful! The words on the board really stood out and was just very moving!”

“I found the stories very moving. I have volunteered at the Road Home and never had anyone open up the way these writers did. Although the stories are heart-breaking, I’m so inspired by the strength and hope that they expressed. The drummers & dancers were great too. The stories helped breakdown stereotypes. I would encourage you to perform these stories at other venues. It would be good if you could perform to the homeless, in schools, at Kids & the Crossroads, Churches, etc.”

“I’m working for 6 months now and looking for housing. I have pretended not to see them…I am them…they are me. Headed toward that ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ For one year now, back in my hometown, Madison. I don’t want to be seen for the shame of it all, until I reach that light.”

“Loved the production, including the poem you read at the end. The individual stories, performances, wall of words. Add a few more stories that you collected. The drumming was great and added to it. Great idea to do it behind the ‘wall.’ Would like to see this developed more. The UW is asking the whole college to read ‘EVICTED’ this year. It will probably be in a book for all Dane County to read. Could see that this production could be adapted to bring a closer connection to the issue.”

Why am I invisible?

This is the question that I often ask myself…

Am I not a human being deserving of certain inalienable rights and services?

I– as an individual person who has feelings and yet I feel that I am not welcomed!

N– not to negate the idea that we as people are not looking for pity or disdain, just acknowledgement…

V– as a veteran, I have served my country and yet my family and I still have unmet basic needs.

I– I am intelligent by nature, but viewed as unintelligent because of my circumstances.

S– I am suspected and scorned! Is it because of some general perception about people in my situation?

I– why is it that internally I may be living in pain, but externally I feel I’m living in shame?

B– why am I belittled and besmirched by passers-by who choose to look the other way?

L– I am often labelled negatively! is it because I don’t have what others take for granted?

E– why am I excluded from social acceptance?

The Invisibles – 2016
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