Richard Scott Sr.The founder and artistic director of KOJO Productions, Richard Scott Sr. was born in Lima, Ohio, in the early 1950’s. He grew up with his grandmother until the age of 10. He then moved to Cleveland, Ohio to live with his adoptive mother. Upon completing his primary and secondary education at the age of 17, Richard moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to pursue a degree in higher education. As the first member of his family to attend a university, he promised to complete his degree in honor of his mother and grandmother.

Richard graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1974 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Social Work. He then pursued his Masters of Science degree in Social Work. After graduating from the Masters program in only a year and a half, he applied for and was accepted for the position of School Social Worker in the Madison Metropolitan School district. His assignment was at Madison East High School, in the role of Minority Services Coordinator, a position that he held until retirement in June of 2010.

Richard Scott has had the unique experience of spending 35 years at he same school. During his tenure at Madison East, he established himself as a long time and respected member of the Madison community. As a man who believes in involvement, he worked with the late Reverend James C. Wright to organize the first memorial service in Madison honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Richard developed and implemented the first attitude and motivational course at East High for students, “Personal Self Development.”

He is also the founder/director of the nationally recognized and award-winning drill team, KOJO. KOJO is a drop-out prevention program for young men. In existence for fifteen years, the legacy is still going strong. Richard spearheaded the development of the first spoken word and contemporary poetics class at East High which is counted for academic credit.

On a more personal level, Richard is the proud father of four children: Africia, Richard Jr., Ian, and Stephen. Richard’s life’s philosophy, as adapted from his late grandmother’s belief is “Nothing beats failure, but a try!” With this motto, he continues to try new endeavors. One such endeavor is KOJO Productions, an organization which works with the community in the areas of music, theater and motivational rap.

In addition to his work with KOJO, Richard is also the founder of The Prostate Cancer Awareness Motorcycle Ride and the author of the book Remember to Believe. He has also initiated many community programs including Mystery of Black History Series and has many visions for furthering the Madison Community and its youth.

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