The Invisibles Cast 2016
The Invisibles Cast 2016

“When you see me, what do you see?”

The Invisibles is a compilation of true stories shared by local community individuals ranging in ages from 10 years to mid-60s as well as from various social and ethnic backgrounds.

The Invisibles is an effort to shed some light on the various “faces” of those who are homeless. It focuses on greater awareness of local homeless people, not casting blame or responsibility on those who are not.

Doors open at 7 pm on Saturday, May 14th and admission is free. However, if possible, donations will be gratefully appreciated. Event information

Richard Scott Sr. was inspired to write The Invisibles after a conversation with a homeless man. Scott went to Porchlight, the YWCA, and The Road Home to speak with homeless people and developed a script from those conversations. The show’s actors are not homeless, and rehearsals have allowed the mixed-age cast to learn more.

MYPLACE is producing The Invisibles.

The Invisibles raises awareness of the fact that homelessness is not a crime, but a variety of social issues which can profoundly impact everyone. Invisibility is the process by which society discounts the value of people who have found themselves in between two human dilemmas, homelessness and social indignity.

Invisibles can be any one of us, at any time and for many reasons: doctors, teachers, parents, children, black, white, brown, male, female, young, old, rich, transgender, poor, or infirmed. Anyone can be invisible.

KOJO Productions addresses the issue of humans feeling invisible by using the powerful combination of drum music and theatrical monologues.

Every human has a story that needs to be told in order to shed a realistic light on the various circumstances which cause the physical, emotional, economical, and social outcomes of homelessness.

Why am I invisible?

This is the question that I often ask myself…

Am I not a human being deserving of certain inalienable rights and services?

I– as an individual person who has feelings and yet I feel that I am not welcomed!

N– not to negate the idea that we as people are not looking for pity or disdain, just acknowledgement…

V– as a veteran, I have served my country and yet my family and I still have unmet basic needs.

I– I am intelligent by nature, but viewed as unintelligent because of my circumstances.

S– I am suspected and scorned! Is it because of some general perception about people in my situation?

I– why is it that internally I may be living in pain, but externally I feel I’m living in shame?

B– why am I belittled and besmirched by passers-by who choose to look the other way?

L– I am often labelled negatively! is it because I don’t have what others take for granted?

E– why am I excluded from social acceptance?

The Invisibles – 2016
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